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About us

From the love for dogs and for prestigious leather Top4dogs was born.

My name is Pierpaolo De Baptistis.

I am pleased to be at your service with my brand Top4dogs.

I was raised in a leather artisans’ family. Since I was young I had the chance to learn the best and elegant techniques to work with leather, handcrafting articles for the most iconic and prestigious brand.

The details make the difference. For this reason I can consider my products little “masterpieces”.

… A passion that became a job …

Each product is made at the time of the order, so the models you see can be changed according to your tastes.

The production ends in a maximum of 4 working days from the order and then thanks to an efficient express shipping service we can deliver all over the world in a time ranging from 1 to 4 working days.

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Recommendations for use

We suggest the use of the collar solely while walking, because most of our models are not suitable for a continuous use.

We use high quality material, but they are still subjected to usury if not used in the proper way.

If you need a collar for a continuous use, please contact us at: info@top4dogs.com so that we could suggest you the best material and accessories for your collar.


Consigliamo l’uso del collare unicamente in passeggiata, in quanto molti modelli presenti sul sito non sono idonei per un uso continuativo.

I materiali sono di altissima qualità, ma sono comunque soggetti ad usura se non utilizzati nella maniera corretta.

In caso vi occorra un collare per uso continuativo vi preghiamo di contattarci all’indirizzo mail info@top4dogs.com così da potervi indicare i materiali e gli accessori più idonei.


Sede operativa Top4dogs

Pierpaolo De Baptistis

P.Iva: 02005140674

N° Rea: TE 171478


Via C. Bruschelli, 64100 Teramo

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